Logo and symblos

Logo pieczec 500pixThe name of our manufactory producing small quantities of hand-made watches is a reflection of two important issues connected to each of our models. On the one hand it is closely connected to the place of origin of our watches. On the other hand, the name honors the concept of the time that is always passing by. The POL part of our name is the reference to the watch being of Polish production.  The PORA (pl. ‘time’) part of our name stands for the moment of time that is given to us. We believe that the name and the abbreviation reflect the essence of our watches in the perfect way.


The cross in our logo is a beautiful symbol that was used by the very first rulers of Poland. It was, among other things, minted on Mieszko I’s denars.

The cross is to be found both on the flag and the national emblem of Switzerland. That is our way of referring to the horologic traditions of the country of origin of the most important element of each watch – the movement, also known as the clockwork.