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Since 2006 the POLPORA manufactory of Zielona Góra issues exclusively mechanical watches. During the process of production we reach only for the most verified methods – homegrown craftsmen and Swiss precision in the form of mechanical movements, both automatic and manual-wind.

POLPORA watches are unique even in our country.  The POLPORA manufactory is one of the few Polish manufactories that assemble their mechanical watches wholly in Poland using only the top-notch components that come from verified, traditional producers.

Our collection

The POLPORA watch collection consist of unique, low-cost mechanical watches. The offer includes watches presenting modern elegance known from the previous products, as well as new series referring to the extremely rich Polish historical, cultural and scientific heritage. The Elementum is a collection of far different models dedicated to the elements, while the Legacy and Muse series refer to Polish history, art and science.

One of the watches prepared for 2018 is the Polpora 1918 model dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. This watch will appear in exactly 100 copies, just like the models with complications – the elegant Aqua Vigor and the universal and practical Globtroter dedicated to travelers.

In 2017, paying tribute to General Tadeusz Kościuszko, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his death, we prepared the dedicated Polpora Kościuszko watch as a great reference to the oldest classic wrist watches.

Behind the Legacy collection, there is a story of Mieszko I and the first coins minted during his time, which are the key to understand the design of the Misico model dial. They are the ones by which we were inspired while creating this watch.

The first watch in the Muse collection was the Irises model, a watch whose roots go back to the Polish Art Nouveau art and the genius of master Wyspiański. It was complemented by a pair of Polon watches dedicated to Maria Skłodowska-Curie.

We encourage you to draw on Polish nature and tradition, as well as to share with us the passion for traditional watchmaking!

Zawisza Czarny

Polpora Zawisza Czarny

Rely on it like on Zawisza.

The first automatic POLPORA watch with a 5-year guarantee for the movement.

Mastery and skillfulness in combat, as well as virtue, loyalty and honor in life are the attributes of a true knight. The embodiment of these attributes was Zawisza Czarny, one of the most valued Polish knights.

Our new watch is a tribute to Zawisza, a symbol of unmovable courage and honor, undefeated in numerous tournaments, a symbol of chivalric virtues and a great diplomat.

Zawisza Czarny of Garbów, of Sulima coat of arms. The characteristic black eagle of the Sulima coat of arms is exposed in the form of a shield in the central part of the dial. By rising it slightly, we have obtained a three-dimensional character that catches the eye in contrast to the monochrome design of the dial base. Contrasting color combinations visible in the coat of arms were also used in various elements of the clothing, such as a shield, a copy or a horse’s covering. More details »

6980 PLN

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Kościuszko II

Polpora Kościuszko II

POLPORA Kościuszko II. Men’s automatic watch from the Legacy collection.
Keyword: thoroughly traditional

The Kościuszko II men’s watch is a Polpora model from the Legacy collection. This time it is marked not only by a reference to the Polish history, but also by the unusual complexity of the movement. Kościuszko II is the first jumping hour watch in the history of the manufacture. In addition, its appearance refers to the timepieces from the era in which wrist watches started to replace pocket watches.

Kościuszko II is an improved version of the watch from 2017, which enjoyed huge popularity and sold out within a few months. The characteristic case with a 42 mm diameter contains a high-class Dubois Depraz 14400 automatic movement, based on the proven ETA 2892-A2 with Top (Luxe) adjustment, equipped with an unusual module showing the jumping hour in the small window. The system of movable lugs fixing the strap enables to comfortably fit the watch case to both narrow and thicker wrists. More details »

12980 PLN

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Polpora Globtroter

Globtroter is another unique model in our Manufaktura collection. For the first time we used here the GMT complication, increased water resistance class 10 ATM and highest quality mesh bracelet with a comfortable and secure fastening system.

The watch is dedicated to everyday use – GMT complication with a skeleton hand will help you refer to your home country time during long journeys, high water resistance in combination with a durable and comfortable bracelet will enable unlimited use of all activities.

The new model features a unique retro-style dial which, despite having a large 42-mm diameter, and thanks to the shortened length, will also be arranged equally well on both narrower and thicker wrists. From the very beginning the watch was designed with the assumption of the application of mesh bracelets, hence the shape of the horns that shortens the visual distance between the mounting of the bracelets, combining it into a coherent whole with the case.

Our traveller timepiece will be created in a limited edition of 100 pieces, each with an individual number on the case back. More details »

6980 PLN

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