motyw_werk_A10_dekielAfter many years of standstill in the industry of horology the traditional solutions are back in good graces. We apply those solutions in our Polish chronometers. We pay close attention to the precision and accuracy in every phase of designing, constructing and assembling of our watches. During the process our goal is the perfection as we always endeavor to make improvements. It applies as well to our excellent support and warranty services.

In order to reach the goal we are obliged to use only the best materials and work only with professionals. We do that from the very beginning, starting with meticulous selection of all of the elements and ending with the adjustment of the movements of our watches – we make sure that nothing goes unnoticed.

Every watch produced by our manufactory is the effect of the combined efforts of the masters of the craft. The craftsman finishing the process by hand is likely one of the most important elements of that process. It is the experienced eye and dexterity of the craftsman that guarantee that the newly created chronometer meets our high expectations of its quality.