Taking care of the watch

motyw_zegarmistrz_colorEach watch produced by our manufactory is a complex mechanical device covered by a 24-month warrant. Even though we use only the best materials and assemble our watches with the highest precision they still require technical check-ups at regular intervals. Our experts evaluate every piece thoroughly, which shows any potential shortcomings. After that the experts estimate the scope of necessary improvements.

The maintenance of the watch covers replacement of the sealing elements which protect the mechanism from dust and moisture. All of the parts of the mechanism are cleaned and greased so that the watch would work properly for another couple of years. The maintenance of the watches is described with details in the maintenance section. We can also replace the straps or conduct additional services on demand, such as engraving the watch if there is surficial space on its cover.

Every watch should be checked-up once every four years as only then we can guarantee that the chronometer will work properly for years and stay in a mint condition for the future generations. We advise to visit one of our Partnership Salons in order to check-up the watch in an Authorized Service.