Our Vision

Since for a few decades there was no Polish mechanical watches the idea of bringing the manufactory to life and restoring the dormant tradition was born. In Zielona Góra we designed the first prototypes and it is the place where our vision becomes real. After many months of designing and testing in 2006 the first Polish automatic movement watch is completed. The first models of our watches were created by Krzysztof Janczak – the founder of the manufactory and by the watchmaker named Milan Konecki. 



Krzysztof Janczak, founder

He was responsible for the concept and creation of Polpora since the moment it was found in 2006.
His fascination with the mid-century of 20th century established the direction. The technological solutions of the time emanate the astonishing, often ascetic appearance and ageless elegance. 



Tomasz Cerbiński, ownerTomasz Cerbiński has been running the Polpora manufactory since 2016. 
Nowadays the watches often lack the most basic qualities. The magic of the solutions of that time causes us to create models of watches that relate to those years. We combine the traditional design with the highest precision and quality of production


Since 2006 our manufactory issues exclusively mechanical watches. During the production we use only the best Polish solutions and Swiss technology. The Polish specialists are responsible for the end result. Using their knowledge and horologic experience of many years they make our dreams come true. Today we have technical equipment at our disposal that allows us to create high quality watches in our workshop.

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