motyw_tech_wahnikBasic service activities conducted during the check-ups of chronometers:
– Check-up of the condition of straps and case
– Disassembly of the clockwork
– Check-up of the performance of the escapement and balance mechanisms
– Check-up of the movement
– Check-up of the performance of the pointing mechanism 
– Check-up of the performance of the calendar
– Check-up of the condition of the gears
– Disassembly of the whole mechanism
– Cleaning of the elements 
– Check-up of the wear of the elements
– Replacement of the broken and worn-out elements
– Assembly of the mechanism
– Oiling and greasing of the elements
– Oiling of the movement
– Oiling of the elements of the escapement mechanism
– Adjustment and regulation of the balance and of the power reserve
– Monitoring of the functions of the clockwork
– Monitoring of the accuracy of the power-reserve indicator
– Check-up of the power reserve
– Check-up and replacement of the broken gaskets
– Reassembly of the clockwork 
– Check-up of the water resistance
– Check-up of the functions
– Polishing of the case and the buckle (optional)
– Replacement of the straps (optional)
– Final check-up conducted by a watchmaker
– Consignment of the chronometer

Conducting of the additional service activities may be necessary, depending on the model and kind of the movement.